Learn to bend your vision

                                                             Exploring the Lensbaby basics

                                                                 With April Milani

 Whether you recently purchased a new Lensbaby, thinking about getting one or had your’s awhile and were left discouraged – you’ve come to the right place. Grab that unopened box or take your dusty lens off the shelf and join April as you learn to love your Lensbaby. Become a master of selective focus and creative imagery with the natural, organic optical effects that only a Lensbaby can create. This is a course for those who need a refresher or are new to the world of Lensbaby. You will find your sweet spot of focus and learn to tilt with intention. After learning the basics, take a peek into the creative side of Lensbaby, with an artist study. 

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Learn how to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Take the everyday snapshot and with a twist, or bend of your lens, turn it into a piece of art. Find your sweet spot and slice of focus with ease. Step by step videos to help you master Lensbaby. Incorporate Lensbaby into your business no matter your niche.

Material Included:

171 Page PDF
20 Page PDF showcasing the creative side of Lensbaby

10% off of your next Lensbaby purchase 
10% off Alien Skin Software
Free Lensbaby trial during workshop for all US students


A Look into The Syllabus:

Week I:
Getting Started with Your Lensbaby
History Behind Lensbaby
Learning to Shoot a Manual Lens
How Aperture Affects Shutter Speed
Getting Your Focus
In Camera Framing


Week II:
Learning to Tilt, Bend, and Twist
Changing Your Optics and Macro Converters
Discovering The Lenses
Mobile Lensbaby
Learning to Find Your Sweet Spot and Slice of Focus
Tilting to Tell a Story
Using Your ISO in Low Light
When Less is More
Framing Your Subject

Week III:
Motion and Movement
Guiding Your Light
Making Your Subject The Focus
Study Backgrounds and Light
Back lit, Side lit and Flare
Thinking of Light and Motion as One
Predicting Movement
Capturing Water

Week IV:
Playing with Bouncing Light
The Outside World Around You
Making The World Miniature
Simple Macro
An Artist Study
A Look into The Creative Side of Lensbaby
Using Blur with Intention
Film and Lensbaby
My Editing Software
Artist Study with:
Nuno Caldeira
Caroline Jensen
Janet Douglas
Justyna Butler
Keri Friedman



Where is the class located?


This course is held 100% online. There is a dedicated Facebook group held specifically for April’s class where discussions and peer review is also welcomed.


Who is this class for?


This course is for any artist looking to reconnect with their Lensbaby. With the tools given by April, you will be able to create photography that is art. All artists are welcome to join, as April has made her material adjustable for artist of all ranges.


What are the prerequisites for this course?


To get the most out of the course, students should have a basic understanding and access to Photoshop and/or Lightroom. All students must own a DSLR, with an understanding of manual mode. Lensbaby will be loaning out a lens or optic for students who currently do not own one but wish to participate in April’s course.

How long does this class last?


This course is a four week interactive, learning experience.

About me

I am a military wife and homeschooling mom of two wild boys. I am not afraid to go out and try something new, even if I fail. I’ve still won because I didn’t let fear stop me. I am human; I make mistakes; I am perfectly imperfect; I am saved by grace. My saying this year is, “don’t feed the fears.” My love for photography started in my grandmother’s kitchen with her Polaroid camera. She made me really think about the shot before I took it and would always tell me, “you only get one shot, so make it count.”  Although I went to college for black and white film after high school, my journey wasn’t straightforward, and as a young adult, photography and I went our separate ways. Being a mom caused our paths to cross again, however, and I began to fall back in love with taking pictures because photography allowed me to see my kids through the lens, inspiring me in a number of new and different ways. As with most everything else that touches my life, I am rarely satisfied with only taking on hobbies and doing things for fun. I can’t learn just the basics of something and move on I have to fully immerse myself and know the art form inside and out. So after the spark of photography was reignited, I studied and completed the photography course offered at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Since then I have gone off on so many rabbit trails, I never know what path I will take next.  All of the trails I go down have their own sets of artistic challenges, some more than others. My life’s journey, and the lessons I learn along the way, are what continually draw me in. It is the not knowing what there is to see that takes me down the next trail. Published in: Child Model Magazine, Mozi Magazine Fine Art addition, Conceptual Magazine, Beyond the Wanderlust, Clickin Moms Pro, Alien Skin Software photo of the year and photo of the month. Blog post: Alien Skin software, Beyond the Wanderlust, Lensbaby Love, Soul Focus, Two Gallery openings at Shop88, Rfotofolio, Inspire, Honorable Mention, 2014

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