February 16, 2018

We homeschool you kids. The choice to do this wasn't not my original plan. In all honesty I had prejudged homeschooling families. I thought for sure this was not something we would ever do. Through many series of events this became our path. Ha! Be careful who and what you judge in life, it might become your path. At first I fought with God, asking why did this have to be our life. Quickly, I understood and loved it. We have had our good and bad times. As I look back, mostly good. Homeschooling has been a blessing.
This choice was never because of fear of sending my kids to school. But, as I sat praying this morning. I found myself thanking God more than ever for the path He choose for us. My heart breaks for the parents who have lost there children, the ones who send them off to school with fear of the unknown. I am also sadden at where some our focus is in these horrific events. We must stop pointing fingers and placing blame. Every one has a different story. When we lump everyone in the same box and think one plan will fix it all, we are not making a good plan to fix this broken country. Today, I urge you to look in the mirror and see where your judgment is. Take some quiet time to pray, meditate and reflect. In order to make a change we must start within our selves. Please pray for the broken, I can not imagine standing in their shoes.


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