It is what it is.

February 3, 2018




January was crazy for me. It was a new year, a new vision. I pushed away all that was bringing me down, no more negative influences anymore. I edited my life. From my business to my website, set up a new studio, Painted art for my walls(they needed something on them), I hosted a month long of shooting with Lensbaby, Shot a LOT of stock images, I the middle of writing a new workshop, Made many, many surfaces to shoot stock images on... Then I still ran a house hold, homeschooled my kids and hung out with friends. Some where in there I realized I didn't shoot many self-portraits. In all honesty it wasn't because I was busy. I found myself battling with my self image. Aging is tough. I know I am not alone in this. I will get over myself, no worries! I am a very blessed person. But, I am also human.

If you would like to join a self-portrait group we would love to have you join us!



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