It's just a 356 project.

January 12, 2018


I'm not one to beat around the bush, so here it is. Folks, it is just a photo a day, lighten up and have some FuN!

7 years ago I signed up to do the dreaded 356 project. One photo a day, for one year. In my head this was huge. My problem is I let stress and group thinking rule  my project. It was a tough year but I did it. Year two, I took a different approach. My project, my way. Year three, I added no rules apply. Now I was free. Want to feel free too? Ask yourself these questions

1. Why are you doing a 365 project?

Wait, before we go on to the next question. Let's sit on this for a moment, Why are you doing a 365 project? 

(I would suggest writing your thoughts down as they come up.)

2. Would you do this project if no one ever saw it? Be honest. If the answer is no, that is ok. Most people feel the same as you. Time to stop thinking like everyone else. This is a project for you.

3... If you are still reading this then I don't need to ask any more questions right now. But will I will tell you this, if the main reason is anything other than you want to pick up the camera everyday and take a photo, you aren't starting off right. What I suggest is do this project for a year just for you. Not for those likes, loves, and smiley faces.

Yesterday was day 11 of my 8th year. I never picked up a camera. I could give you all my excuses why I never took a shot. None of that matters. Bottom line is this, I'm totally fine with it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let's chat.

Today is a great day to create!




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