From Fear to Joy

A New Creative Paradigm

Does your creativity beckon to you? Is it positively itching to express itself? If so, you are not alone.

Of course, you are also not alone if your next response is one of hesitancy or trepidation. The fear of failure can often stop us from trying something new. Uncertainty and the unknown can discourage us from reaching for our dreams. But it doesn’t have to be this way. April Milani’s experience has taught her that when we learn to embrace uncertainty and the unknown, we open ourselves up to a world of inspiration.

In this week-long workshop we use photography to express our creative ideas and impulses which enables us to move into unchartered territory. April shares the personal tools that support her in expressing her own unstoppable creativity and, in addition, leads group discussions, gives daily assignments and offers insightful image reviews. Field sessions to unique locations in and around Santa Fe provide fuel for our stories, dreams, memories and ultimately our images.

Rather than indulging in excuses and telling ourselves that there is nothing inspirational to be found anywhere around us, she encourages participants to push through their fears of failure and connect to an eternal sense of wonder. By taking the time to stand still and be present right where we are, we prepare ourselves to engage with what the world has to offer us. And in that magical moment, we can experience the joy of creating something that had never before seemed possible.

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