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Child Portraiture Workshop


Helen Whittle


April Milani

Classes start June 22nd, 2019

Registration is now open

Chapter One

Through The Childs Eyes

The Photographer’s Perspective

The interview


Chapter Two

Learn to love where you stand

See life from a new perspective



Chapter Three

Helen's week

The Younger Years

Learn to be still when they never stop





Chapter Four

April's week

The Forgotten Years

Shoot with them not at them

What this workshop is all about?

As a photographer, we want to capture an image that evokes an emotion in us. Being able to convey that emotion can be challenging. This workshop will teach you how to transform your visions into beautiful pieces of art by learning how to interact with your subject, observing your frame, trying new compositions, and using available light.

Full Participation $350.00 USD

Observation Seat

$175.00 USD

The Observation Seat includes eBook and learning videos, these are yours to keep. You will also have a seat to observe the workshop in action. The difference from the Full Seat is you will not be able to participate or get daily feedback and guidance from Helen and April.

eBook & Videos

$135.00 USD

Friendship Discount

$262.50 USD per friend

Helen Whittle

Mum, vet and obsessive photographer. British born, now an Aussie and based near Orange, NSW.

i love taking photos.

i love capturing moments.

i love making memories.


For more information about Helen follow this link:


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April Milani

I am a visual opportunist, a military wife, homeschooling mom of two wild boys, saved by grace.

Two must-haves are coffee and popcorn with lots of butter.

I have my four-legged furry pal Sierra, she's my girl.


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Where is the class located?


This course is held 100% online. There is a dedicated group held specifically for this workshop where discussions and peer review is also welcomed.


How long does this class last?


This course is a four week interactive, learning experience. You will have an alumni group to join after the workshop to continue our creative journey.


Who is this class for?


This course is for any artist looking to learn to photograph and connect with children of all ages. To take a photo in your mind before you ever pick up the camera, never be lost for inspiration, never let fear of failure stop you. To always be ready to capture the moment before the chance of becoming a forgotten memory. With the tools given, you will be able to create photography that is art. All artists are welcome to join, as we have made material adjustable for artist of all ranges.


What are the prerequisites for this course?


To get the most out of the course, students should have a basic understanding of their camera and software program.



Workshop Feedback


I took this workshop to learn about editing styles and moody black and whites, but I learned so much more about many different subjects – Andy


I cannot believe how interactive April and Helen are, checking in multiple times a day, and it blew me a way that I got so many video responses – Natalie


It just felt so personal and feedback was so clear and supportive – Natalie


I have purchased a lot of online courses, but nothing compared with the one on one contact you get from this workshop, you have helped me believe in myself and my work – Victoria


Helen and April are talented photographers but they are also caring, and inspiring and give amazing feedback – Linda


Helen and April have done an amazing job as teachers and mentors, always encouraging and inspiring me to dig deeper – Linda


Helen and April are both brilliant artists but also very supportive and read to give all that they know and love – Marianne


This workshop is intimate and showed me how well digital learning can work. I have loved having two teachers, the combination of both was perfect – Marianne


I love the conversations we had about different approaches to portraits and thank you for picking up every topic that was brought up by us – Marianne


I signed up for this workshop in a hope that I would understand something that was missing for me, and OH BOY, I could not have asked for more - Lenna


The most useful thing I learnt from this workshop was that I am now producing images that are “my art”, that comes from inside me, not just my camera – Vicki


The support has been amazing, definitely a highlight of this workshop – Vicki


No matter where we are in the world there was feedback and support almost instantly – Vicki


You’ve helped me how to really highlight the strengths of an image and improve the weaknesses – Michelle


So much support – thank you. I’m trying not to think about what ‘withdrawal’ will feel like – Michelle


I truly enjoyed this workshop – Aska


I love the amount of time you put into it and give everyone video feedback – it is immensely helpful. – Aska


 There is nothing about this workshop I would change. I am still blown away by how present and engaged both of you have been from the beginning. You create an atmosphere that is free and creative and productive and inspiring. It’s self-paced but still guided and the emphasis on not only the creative shooting side but the editing advice and portfolio building were aspects I was not expecting and so happy to have. I didn’t focus as much on child portraits as I had planned, but I was still able to take every bit of advice meant for either myself or others and apply it to the work I am creating now, and I know when I do start doing more portraits, I will have all these lessons to pull from. The only thing that I am really left with is just wanting more time ♥️ - Emmy


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